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Advised Investors secure in their wealth

evidence for ‘advised investors secure’ claim

Several articles have been published over the years, including one in the Wealth lift-out of The Australian on 1 September 2012, on the ‘advised investors secure’ theme, underpinned by the superior performance of portfolios that are subject of a plan (under advice and management of an effective financial adviser).

These articles encourage us to bring to our readers’ attention the importance of seeking wealth management advice at an early phase of the wealth accumulation process. Researchers have found that fewer than forty percent (40%) of all investors actually seek the advice of a financial planner: they assert that advised investors secure faith, is supported by better portfolio outcomes and greater ‘sleep at night’ comfort with their investments!

In the above-referenced article, “Better to be advised”: a quote from Andrew Inwood (then managing director of Brand Management) in respect of the survey results his firm had recently published1, says – ‘We have data that proves that a good financial planner adds not only money but happiness to people’s lives. We can prove that empirically ….People [who] have a planner and a financial plan in place are much more likely to understand and be in control of their future than people who don’t have a plan. And those two things are very strongly aligned to happiness.’ At ContinuumFP, we believe that Mr Innes’ comments classically describe what constitutes the’value of advice‘.

Advised investors secure sound advice

Some of the issues considered when selecting the financial adviser to guide you with your portfolio strategy – and add value to the process (deciding whether they are in fact a good financial planner – for you), include:

  • Their qualifications;
  • Their experience with strategies to deal with your individual needs, goals and financial objectives;
  • Their licence backing and strength;
  • Their ability to communicate with you and build a rapport with you;
  • What services they deliver for the fees you are able and prepared to pay them; and
  • How they charge for their services.

We have made it easier for you

See the Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd website FAQs page for the answer to the above questions; and to many of the more commonly-asked questions regarding financial planning; and the selection of a financial planner. We address the questions both from a general position, but also specifically about our own firm.

How can we help you?

Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd is able to review the level of service you currently receive from your adviser/ ongoing service provider, to ensure it continues to meet your needs – and keeps you confident about your investment strategy – and the experience of being one of our clients. To arrange a meeting with one of our experienced advisers for yourself, or one of your family, friends or colleagues – please call our office on 07-34213456, or use the website contact us facility: we’ll deal with your enquiry promptly and courteously.

1 Regrettably the report from which this quote was taken appears to have been taken down from the website: Andrew Inwood is more recently at CoreData.

[This post was originally published in September 2010 with the title ‘Some good advice: ‘take advice’‘ : it has been updated and refreshed on a number of occasions, most recently in March 2017]

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