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Clients value ongoing service

ContinuumFP clients value ongoing service: they appreciate the support we give them that the financial decisions they make, particularly in relation to investment structures and portfolios are both ‘fit for purpose’ and in their best interests.

A number of our clients and associated professionals called heavily on the services of the Continuum Financial Planners team to address financial (predominantly investment-related) concerns that had arisen in the most part as a consequence of the GFC – for themselves, their clients or related families during the 2010 year. … and we continue to do so.

How we helped…

We were able to settle the concerns raised, utilising a range of our client-centric services, including:

  • reviewed investor risk aversion, discussing the consequences of the risks associated with the different asset classes available for investors;
  • reviewed asset allocation (how investment assets are diversified) to ensure the appropriate strategic goals were still achievable;
  • initiated, or in some cases, updated Estate Planning strategies and plans;
  • started investment programs to accumulate wealth (with regular savings plans; and investments with prudent gearing – low levels of borrowed funds);
  • arranged pensions for clients either transitioning to retirement, or starting their retirement (and worked with clients in retirement to ensure their funds will last as long as possible);
  • made applications for various types of life insurance for clients and their families so that they and their families would be confident that the lifestyle they are working at building will not be shattered by an unexpected, unwelcome event or tragedy;
  • assisted with referrals to lenders for home purchases – and in some cases, with borrowing against home equity to make investments.

Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd was awarded Securitor’s Queensland Practice of the Year Award for 2010. The services we deliver to our clients, the processes we have developed so as to ensure those services are delivered effectively and consistently – and the concentration on providing wealth management education tips and guidance for the benefit of our clients – that delivered that Award have been continuously reviewed and enhanced. (We were contenders for this Award again in 2012; and runners-up for the 2013 year.)

As we move further beyond the immediate effects of the GFC and as economic and market conditions become less volatile, investor confidence appears to be improving. Investor confidence should also benefit from the most recent reforms to the way financial services are delivered (and more financial planning firms are required to work in the way that Continuum Financial Planners has worked since its inception: on a fully disclosed, fee-for-service basis).

Some of our clients have provided testimonials, expressing their appreciation for the way we have attended to a diverse range of wealth management needs: they appreciate that ‘…we listen, we understand; and we have solutions..’ to their financial needs, hopes and goals. If you would like an opportunity to see whether you would benefit from working with us, please feel free to Contact Us and arrange a meeting with one of our experienced advisers; or phone our office on 07-34213456 – and be assured of prompt and courteous attention. The initial meeting will be held on a no-obligation, no cost to you basis.

We look forward to continuing to walk with our clients (and the clients of our close associates) on their financial journey – and if you have family or friends who could use help with their financial planning/ wealth creation and protection issues, they too are welcome to take advantage of the above offer.

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