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ContinuumFP Growth Strategy

Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd (ContinuumFP) is a growth business

The ContinuumFP growth strategy has seen the development of capacity to service an expanded adviser and support team, providing resources for delivery of our acclaimed personalised, professional wealth management services. The loyal support of our clients has resulted in the development of effective processes that are efficient in the delivery of these services.

We are now in a position where we can expand the client base to whom we deliver our ‘advice of value’ experience.

The ContinuumFP Growth Strategy: merger and/ or acquisition

We have determined that the economic viability of this expansion will best be served by merger with a like-minded financial planning practice.  In appropriate circumstances we will also consider acquisition of a book of clients from a retiring financial planner. We are looking for practices operated with the same high ethical and technical standards as we currently apply.

(Whilst our organic growth continues at an acceptable pace, a suitable merger/ acquisition will hasten the progress towards even more efficiency in the delivery of our services. This will benefit existing clients as well as new clients engaged as a consequence of the process. Our growth strategy also embraces the organic growth that comes from referrals – from clients and from our network of professional accountants, lawyers and others.)

It is helpful to take objective advice as to how to select a professional adviser: when it comes to financial planners, the government’s MoneySmart website has a page that provides guidance on ‘Choosing a Financial Adviser‘, that we commend people to use (and against which we believe the ContinuumFP measures well).

Can you help?

If you know a financial planner who is seeking to move out of the industry (whether because of retirement, to seek other opportunities or for other genuine personal reasons); or wants to join forces with a dynamic, modern, ethical financial planning company – we would appreciate hearing from you/ them.

An interested prospective ‘vendor’ can learn a lot about our company from visiting the following pages on our website:
– About Continuum Financial Planners (including: The TeamOur OfferingClients Say)
– Financial Planning FAQ
– Services

You could email any one of the advisers on our team, phone our office (at 07-34213456), or send us some information using our website Contact Us facility. Your assistance in this process will be greatly appreciated.

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