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ContinuumFP Values Referrals

ContinuumFP values referrals and recommendations

client referring adviser: ContinuumFP values referrals

That ContinuumFP values referrals is almost an understatement. Personal referrals are the most highly prized feedback received by any business or service provider – and at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd (ContinuumFP), we particularly value and respect the complement paid to us when satisfied clients refer their friends, family and other associates to us.

Referrals are highly treasured by our team – and we reiterate our sincere appreciation to those of you who have recommended us to contacts/ connections within your networks. We strive to ensure that our service to these connections meets their expectations based on your recommendation – and we  trust that their feedback to you confirms your faith in us.

Where possible referrals are acknowledged

We will always acknowledge the generosity of those who have been kind enough to refer their connections to us for advice where new enquirers are open as to where they found out about ContinuumFP. Often however, our enquiries as to the source of referral are met with general information such as: ‘a friend of a friend’; ‘heard about you at work’; or ‘found you on the internet’ – and so we are not always in a position to give due acknowledgement.

If you have made a referral to us that has not been acknowledged, we would like to hear from you so that we can extend our gratitude; and can follow through to ensure that your recommendation has been fully dealt with to the satisfaction of your contact. If you let us know who you have referred to us, we can monitor the success of your recommendation and let you know when we have had engaged contact with them: and we may even express our appreciation in a practical way.

ContinuumFP values referrals and we make it easier for you to refer

We regularly review programs and provide resources, seeking to make giving referral information less confronting to you.

If there is some material or information that you would like provided so that you feel would best set out what might appeal to your friend/ contact, please contact our office (details in final paragraph below) and we’ll provide that to you promptly.

Financial Planning referrals ensure the growth and range of experience you may then draw from

Through numerous conversations and comments, we know that you appreciate what we have done for you: you may have come to us as a referral yourself, either from your accountant or solicitor, or from a family member or friend.

We believe that we won the confidence of your referrer by applying the education, skills and experience we have gained over more than twenty years in the financial planning industry; and by providing personalised, professional wealth management services. The more clients we service in our areas of expertise, the more practical the advice we provide to all of our clients.

How have we earned your valued referral?

Reflecting on the services we provide for you, whether it be –

…we invite you to consider whether we have done enough to earn your referral: and then consider whether you have family members, friends or work colleagues who would benefit from our services, and might work well with us. We will appreciate the referral – and we will recognise your efforts on our behalf.

Not sure if your referral will benefit from our service?

We are aware that some referrers are uncertain as to who they should refer: concerned that the prospective client may not be ‘ready’ for financial planning advice – or that our services may be pitched at a different level from those required by this prospect.

If this is a concern for you, please feel free to call our office and discuss the circumstances: we will respond courteously and appreciatively. Remember that in most circumstances we are prepared to hold an initial meeting with a prospective client on a no-obligation, no cost to them basis, to allow them to evaluate whether they can work with us – and for us to assess whether they are prospects whose financial needs are aligned to the expertise we have in our office.

At the end of the day, we will only accept clients who we believe we can service in their best interest – and that includes providing relevant, cost-effective service that delivers a targeted goal or outcome. The referral will be valued regardless of the outcome.

What is in it for your referred friend?

Our process starts with education about the financial planning process, progresses through ‘getting to know you’ (‘we listen‘ to your circumstances and needs), collating relevant financial data and detailing your aspirations (‘we understand‘ your financial position and goals), to formulating  and delivering advice in writing (‘we have solutions‘ that will help you achieve your best outcome utilising available resources). Upon authorisation we proceed with putting the strategy into action – and finally monitoring the progress through regular, at least annual, reviews (‘we care‘ about your attainment of financial and lifestyle goals).

As our clients are aware, we were the 2010 Queensland Practice of the Year for Securitor; and runners up for that award in 2013!

Our clients can take comfort in the fact that our compliance rating has been at a consistently high standard since our inception: we take pride in this outcome, as well as the fact that we have experienced very low client attrition (and we attribute the vast majority of what has been experienced to date, to death, relocation overseas, or financial circumstances that were  business, rather than investment-related).

What to do next –

Referrals come to us from satisfied clients as well as from accountants and other professionals who have seen the satisfaction we have brought to mutual clients and business connections.

ContinuumFP values referrals. We see them as significant complements. We are acutely aware of the risks clients and colleagues take when making them; and accordingly do our utmost to ensure the best outcome arises for you, your referral and our respective ongoing relationships.

Please feel free to call your regular adviser at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd – or our Client Services Officer on 07-3421 3456 – to discuss the process so as best to suit your situation! If you are comfortable to do so, you could forward details using the Contact Us facility on our website.

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