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ContinuumFP Wealth Creation process

The ContinuumFP wealth creation process unites the skills and experience of our advisers and their support team, with the financial resources and expertise of our clients.

What drives wealth creation?

Wealth creation occurs when a number of elements combine to your financial benefit. These elements include implementation of sound investment strategies,  that bear in mind your personal and financial circumstances, available resources, your clearly articulated needs and goals, your adequately assessed investor risk profile – and your relevant timeframe(s).

ContinuumFP sees wealth as more than a financial score: we see it also as a feeling of well-being. It is more than achieving the most favourable return on investment; it includes also whether you have peace of mind about your investments (whether you are sleeping at night, confident in your investment strategy).

The ContinuumFP wealth management process

Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd (ContinuumFP) has a conservative approach to investing, which is trusted by a growing number of satisfied clients to service their wealth management needs. Your adviser at ContinuumFP will work with you to devise the personal plan that is in your best interest, is understood and accepted by you – and gives you that peace of mind that constitutes a successful wealth creation process. Their process will include helping you decide the most suitable investment platform – and investment portfolio (including managed funds) – to help you reach your financial goals sooner.

Working to the mantra: ‘we listen, we understand; and we have solutions’ – that we deliver in ‘personalised, professional wealth management advice’, our team delights in finding solutions that are suited to your circumstances – and are in your best interest.
They go about this including the following steps in the process:

1. Getting to know you

This is a very important step when it comes to planning your financial strategies. We want you to feel comfortable discussing your financial goals with our advisers – and subsequently with the support team that backs the advisers, in a trusting relationship. To this end we conduct an initial interview with you to establish whether there is a sufficient ‘connect’ between yourself and our adviser to give you the confidence to appoint us to provide these services. Te initial interview is a no-charge, no-obligation meeting. If you are ready to commit to us at that time, a schedule of ongoing activity is then arranged with you. (We listen,..)

2. Understanding more about you

Once you have committed to an engagement with our team, we set about gaining an understanding of what makes your financial world ‘tick’. We seek to find out –

  • Your life goals, your interests, your investment preferences?
  • The time frame(s) that are available to achieve these goals?

Through a detailed process our adviser will work with you to document all the relevant information required to ‘know you (your personal and financial circumstances)’ – including any investment risk aversions you have – sufficiently to be able to compile recommendations as to wealth creation and management strategies that will focus on your best interest in achieving your financial well-being. (.. we understand, ..)

3. We Advise

Your ContinuumFP adviser will recommend a strategy to help you create wealth tax-effectively. Our documented advice will incorporate the strategy we recommend; as well as recommendations as to asset allocation, an administration platform and usually, fund managers (and the relevant managed funds). (.. and, we have solutions…)

4. We recommend Protection

Key elements of any wealth creation plan are wealth protection; and estate planning. Whilst accidents and illnesses won’t always be life threatening, nor permanently disabling, it’s important to consider our loved ones in the event that they become so. Income protection insurancetraumalife and total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance (and Wills and EPAs) need to be incorporated into your advice to ensure that your lifestyle – and your loved ones – are well taken care of should anything happen to you. (We provide holistic, personalised advice ..)

5. We encourage Ongoing Reviewing of Progress

Often-times events and circumstances change. Financial goals and priorities may also change such that a need to re-evaluate strategic direction arises. Regularly reviewing your financial situation will ensure you are still on-track to achieving your life goals. At ContinuumFP, we offer several ongoing service packages with regular reviews of strategy and portfolio included. (We offer value-adding ongoing service, because we care ..)

How to get started in your engagement with a ContinuumFP wealth creation process:

To get started at the earliest possible convenience, call our office (on 07-34213456) to arrange a meeting with one of our advisers: alternatively, you could complete the details in our Contact Us page – in either case, be assured prompt and courteous attention will be given to your request.

If you prefer to do some research on our services, please go to these pages that outline: our value-adding services offer; our fee for service policy (detailing some of the ongoing service packages we can agree with you); some testimonials from satisfied clients; or to the FAQs where you can find even more information about how we work to achieve your best interest as you seek to achieve your financial goals.

(This article was originally posted in February 2012: it has been updated and/ or refreshed from time to time, most recently in August 2016.) 

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