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Estate administration assistance

Estate administration assistance for executors – from Exec Assist

Our associated company – Exec Assist Pty Ltd – provides estate administration assistance for executors. People who are first-time appointees to the role of executor of a deceased estate, are often perplexed as to where to start. This service has grown out of the experience we have had working with family estates, client requests and working with lawyers to help clients ‘caught up’ in this process.

Firstly a brief story – When John was told by his parents that he was their choice for nomination in their Wills as the Executor of their respective Estates during their Estate Planning process he accepted the news without a great deal of thought or concern – after all, they were in good health and the likelihood of having to undertake the role in foreseeable future was remote. When his father passed away a couple of years later, he was reminded of his appointment. John understood the significance of the appointment and what it would mean to his mother to have a family member attend to the estate issues (rather than a ‘stranger’ – particularly one who rightly or wrongly, had a reputation for high costs!) but was quite concerned about his lack of awareness as to what procedures and obligations he would face.

In researching the situation John found that he seemed to be restricted to three options to help him perform his role:

  • Approach a solicitor (although apart from the drawing of the estate plan, the family had no real connection with a legal firm for many years);estate administration assistance with Exec Assist
  • Consult with the Public Trustee (but the thought of putting his parent’s affairs in the hands of such a huge institution concerned him); or
  • Seek the assistance of his parent’s financial planner in dealing with the issues.
John authorised the financial planners to assist him in the administration of the estate and was relieved that the working relationship between the planner and his mother (and formerly his father) resulted in an efficient and pleasant administration, completed at a much lower cost than research with the alternative options had suggested would be the case.

Accessing estate administration services from Exec Assist

Exec Assist Pty Ltd is a subsidiary company to Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd, providing this service in response to enquiry from clients who have lost loved ones (parents, partners and other family) and for whom they were the nominated Executor and/ or Trustee. If you find yourself in this situation don’t hesitate to contact our office and discuss how we might be able to administratively help you manage a range of issues from application for Grant of Probate, attending transfers of property/ investments etc (including any relevant CGT calculations), accounting for estate transactions or distributing bequests etc.

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