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Everyday wealth management

New Year resolutions need to translate to everyday activities

Make everyday wealth management an everyday activity…

As a precursor to ‘happy’ days ahead, everyday wealth management will translate to more satisfactory financial outcomes in the future.

Each new year brings its own challenges, opportunities, disappointments and great expectations: have you made adequate preparation to seize the best of these for the coming year?

Some wealth management matters you might want to pay attention to before the year gets away include –

  • Estate Planning – it’s not just for the ‘wealthy’: if your Will hasn’t been reviewed in the past 3 years, or if you have experienced a ‘major event’ since the last review, pull the document and check that it says what you would currently want it to say in the event of your death. And if you haven’t yet attended to the preparation of a Will, or of Enduring Powers of Attorney – get started now!
  • Cashflow Management: if you don’t already work to a personal budget that releases funds for future plans, work on one urgently; and if you don’t already have a regular savings plan working for you, be aware of what opportunities you might miss through the lack of available, accessible funds;
  • Wealth Management: request our Financial Health Checklist (available through the link shown) to see if there are any areas of your financial position that should be subject to advice from an experienced financial adviser;
  • Superannuation: plan to make an undeducted contribution to your superannuation accumulation (watching to avoid any tax penalties for breaching ‘caps’);
  • Personal Risk Insurance: ensure you have protected income-generating capacity to the best of your ability – and for the financial well-being of yourself and your dependants; and
  • Financial Planning: review your financial plan (including your superannuation account/s) with a trusted adviser.

Advice on your wealth management

For guidance and advice on wealth management in your individual circumstances, meet with one of the experienced advisers at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd – they listen to your needs and objectives; understand your circumstances, opportunities and challenges; and they have solutions to your wealth management dilemmas. To make an appointment, phone our office on 07-34213456, or complete the Contact Us form on our website (and be assured of a prompt response).

 (This article was first posted as part of the July 2010 eNews: it has been occasionally refreshed and updated, most recently, in January 2019)

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