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Income Protection Insurance claim

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Income Protection Insurance claims are a significant part of the annual payout by insurers: and a significant comfort to the insured and their dependants when their ability to earn is interrupted by health or other ‘issues’. Claims are paid to the insured during the term of the incapacity and relieve the financial strain of them and their dependants.

Consider Ashley’s Story

Professional services provider Ashley was employed by a small but growing advisory services company in a senior role.

Ashley and his partner had recently acquired an investment property against which a mortgage debt had been raised. He consulted a Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd adviser and agreed that any interruption to his earning ability would prove difficult both for the payment of his mortgage obligations; and for his family. As a consequence he took out an Income Protection Policy that would provide him 75% of his income in the event of a ‘qualifying event’.

Two years later, Ashley suffered a stroke whilst exercising and was incapacitated to an extent that he couldn’t make a speedy return to work. As he had not been employed by his company for any lengthy time, he had minimal leave entitlements available.

Ashley’s policy provided for benefits to be paid through to his 65th birthday after a 30-day ‘waiting period’.

Whilst his partner is still required to continue to earn a living, the financial pressure is relieved by the monthly cheque that is received as a result of having taken this insurance. Ashley is now concentrating on making a sufficient recovery to be able to become less financially dependant on his insurance payments – and in the meantime, his mortgage is being paid, his partner can work effectively with the peace of mind that they are financially OK; and their rental income continues uninterrupted.

Income Protection Insurance claim assistance

The team at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd is experienced in dealing with Income Protection Insurance claims with a number of companies – both in situations where the cover is held within superannuation; and outside of super.

To ensure that you are –

  1. adequately covered with Income Protection Insurance; and
  2. promptly receiving the claim benefits when the qualifying situation arises,

arrange to meet with one of our advisers: call our office – at 07-3421 3456; or complete the Contact Us form on our website and we’ll get back to you to confirm a time suitable to all.

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