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Retirement dreams

Bringing retirement dreams to reality

Retirement dreams are what motivate many of us to work – particularly for the last several years of working life. To dream is important, but to bring the dream to life, takes planning, focus and effort. This article sets out some of the key questions that will need addressing; and links to related articles with more in-depth coverage of some of the primary issues.


Retirement: what does the word conjure up in your mind? Is it –

…overseas travel?
…a few years as a grey nomad?
…visits to old haunts?
…beach-combing? fishing? hobbies?

It doesn’t hurt to dream about the prospects that retirement may offer (in fact it’s probably healthy to do so): it helps to form the goals and objectives toward which planning can be focused. Making the dreams realistic – and achievable – is where strategic planning for retirement comes to the fore!

Retirement dreams storylines

If your retirement dreams are for a financially independent phase, some focused lifestyle and financial planning ahead of the event is called for. Answers to questions including the following need to be found, considered; and worked into a viable retirement plan –

  • How much will I need to fund retirement?
  • How long will I be ‘retired’?
  • Will my circumstances remain relatively unchanged?
  • What will my annual lifestyle costs be?
  • Can I stay in my current accommodation?

Key elements of your retirement plans then, are:

  • Availability of funds;
  • Disciplined budgeting; and
  • Healthy lifestyle.

If your retirement dreams are based on the ‘usual’ pattern (i.e., after turning 65 years of age), you will probably be looking to put all available financial resources into superannuation accounts. These accounts are taxed favourably (concessionally) if contributions are made within prescribed ‘caps’ – and even more so when they finally convert into pension phase. Over the past several years, Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd has posted several articles providing information and tips about preparation for this important phase of your life: they include –

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(Originally published in November 2013, this article has been occasionally refreshed, most recently in April 2021.)

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