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Superannuation guarantee entitlement

Be aware of your superannuation guarantee entitlement!

Whether you are a full-time employee, a part-time or casual employee – or even a sub-contractor – you are likely to have a superannuation guarantee entitlement that is your employer’s obligation to meet, but your responsibility to monitor that it is being met. If you have any concerns that your entitlements are not being paid correctly, or timely, you should speak with your employer; if unable to be satisfied that this results in the desired outcome, the ATO may be able to assist.

Why is it important to ensure that your superannuation guarantee entitlement is being met?

The management of your superannuation account(s) is important so as to ensure that the final accumulation of your superannuation is as great as it can be. The superannuation funds accumulated during working life is what will determine the level of lifestyle comfort that can be enjoyed in retirement.

Whether in times of volatility in share-market valuations or otherwise; whether in good or bad economic times, the superannuation guarantee legislation is designed to ensure that, with careful attention and appropriate management your superannuation will substantially subsidise your lifestyle in retirement.

What are some of the matters that impact the effective accumulation of superannuation funds?

The superannuation guarantee entitlement that is legislated in Australia is just as prone to abuse by employers – and members – as are other laws by citizens generally: so, we publish the following list as an alert to some of the matters that can go wrong:

  • some employers with superannuation guarantee liabilities may not always pay the amount to the trustee on time (this has the consequence that the member’s account does not have its funds invested for the whole of the period that they might otherwise);
  • some employers may use the incorrect salary package calculation to determine their obligation to contribute the correct superannuation guarantee amount on behalf of employees (with a similar outcome to the above in terms of the member getting the best benefit from their superannuation account);
  • members (superannuation account holders) fail to amalgamate their multiple accounts into one that is most appropriate to their needs (with the consequence that they will be paying higher administration and management costs than they might otherwise – and possibly a duplication of insurance premiums, with an adverse consequence for their final accumulated balance); and
  • members fail to ensure that the funds they accumulate are invested most appropriately to their circumstances and in keeping with their investor risk profile (with the consequence that they may either undershoot their potential earnings; or risk market downturns and volatility that they are not comfortable with).

Superannuation management advice is available

The experienced team at Continuum Financial planners Pty Ltd is well aware of the superannuation guarantee entitlement you should be accumulating: they are also able to advise on a range of superannuation strategies to ensure that your best interests in regards to superannuation, wealth management and financial well-being, are addressed. To satisfy yourself that you are making the most of your superannuation, arrange a meeting with one of our team: call the office (on 07-3421 3456); or complete the website Contact Us form – and you will receive prompt and courteous attention to your request.

Originally posted in September 2008, this article has been refreshed or updated occasionally: most recently in July 2021.

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