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Testamentary Trusts revisit

Why a Testamentary Trusts revisit?

The testamentary trusts revisit is made for the benefit of clients and readers who have come to our site, without any prior awareness of the features and benefits of this estate planning tool. Whilst testamentary trusts are not suited to every estate plan, awareness about them ensures that as circumstances change, benefits that could optimise the value of an estate to the beneficiaries are not overlooked.

Testamentary Trusts – awareness, and utilisation

Our clients have been advised of the benefits of testamentary trusts over a number of years: features such as asset protection, taxation efficiency and issues of flexibility/ control have all been of interest – and value – to clients who have seen them put into effect.

Our website Library includes a number of articles on or about these trusts: amongst them are  –

Some of the features our clients have experienced and that we have highlighted in the articles are also covered in an article under the title ‘Testamentary Trusts’ (at the time of our post), currently appearing on the FindLaw website.

Multiple testamentary trusts?

In relevant circumstances, separate testamentary trusts may be specified in the testator’s Will, separately providing for individuals, or classes of individuals. These trusts could be directed because of a disparity in age of the beneficiaries; because of particular circumstances (disability; substance dependency; financial dysfunction; and so on).

Your estate planning revisit

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