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The ContinuumFP Social Media journey

…thus far. (- and the ContinuumFP social media journey continues!)

Our team members are keen to find the best ways to provide time-relevant access to wealth management information and tips (as well as alerts to traps) to our clients and allied referral partners. For some years now, we have done this using three social media accounts, supported by our blogs and website: at times, more active on those sites than others.

Our primary site had been Twitter (where we ‘tweet’ under ‘the handle’: @continuumfp), often using hash-tags – which could include #wealthmanagement, #SMSF, #lifeinsurance, #superannuation or others. We would love to know how many of you use Twitter – please Follow us on that site and DM (direct message) us to let us know that you have joined in.  (Whilst we monitor activity on the account fairly regularly, we would like to give prompt acknowledgement when a client or referral partner connects with our account.)

Linked In is another site that we use reasonable regularly: we each have our own account on this site, but also have a Continuum Financial Planners Page. Please follow our Page for access to some of the articles that are published professionally and on which we either Comment, or merely Share.

The third site we use, is Facebook. The business Page is in the name of Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd. Whilst we also have personal accounts on Facebook, the business Page is a quick and reliable way of getting ‘mini stories’ published and accessible more quickly than the longer, more researched articles in our website library. If you Follow us on this site – and particularly if you have a business or company page that you would like us to link to, please send the Facebook Invite.

Our activity to date has led to an increase in the visits to multiple pages on our website and the ranking we achieve in most search engines for keywords relevant to our business are very encouraging. We have had a number of prospective clients make use of the Contact Us page on our website since becoming active on social media. We are satisfied that social media enhances awareness of the Continuum Financial Planners ‘brand’ and are encouraged to continue with this strategy.

Our website also has facilities available so that if you want to share particular information – such as a service, FAQ or article – with your contacts, followers etc, you can do that from the convenient link on each page of the site. (The share buttons are generally on the left hand side of the page.)

Likewise access to our various social pages is available on most pages on our website except our Home page: these will link you directly to our social media accounts. These buttons appear as green icons on the right hand side of the page.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of social media and how it might be of benefit to you (whether in a financial planning/ wealth management context or generally) please feel free to call our client services team – Kathy, Jesse or Lee – and they will be pleased to assist you as best they can.

If you are a regular user of social media, we would love to hear your story: is it for personal use only? Work-related? Which platform serves you best? Are you marketing, selling, or relationship-building predominantly? Your Comments below would be appreciated by your fellow readers – and will be acknowledged by us.

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