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Trusted wealth management advice

the value of advice delivered by Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd

Trusted wealth management advice will deliver peace of mind as it targets financial outcomes, be they short- to medium-term SMART goals, or through to longer-term retirement planning.

Valuing the advice delivered in a wealth management advice engagement is a critical component in developing and implementing the strategies that will set your course to attainable financial independence. The ContinuumFP experienced advice and administrative services team deliver at competitive cost and at exceptional value.

Our wealth management service value proposition

Advisers at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd (ContinuumFP) work to the mantra that: ‘we listen, we understand; and we have solutions’ which we deliver through ‘personalised, professional wealth management advice’. These mantra translate to our clients in the form of trusted, valued wealth management advice – and efficient and effective service. Prospective clients come to appreciate what this means as they engage with our team.

The value of our trusted wealth management advice is experienced whether your engagement is with us for a single service or for a comprehensive service – where advice is provided for investment (to satisfy goals such as lifestyle financial objectives, superannuation, retirement); for risk protection and financial loss mitigation (using a suite of life insurance policies); and succession/ estate planning.

Arrangements for accessing ContinuumFP trusted wealth management advice

You choose from our service offerings: either –

  • At a low-level of adviser contact (your account with us may be limited to one of the following: insurance product only, an employee superannuation account, set goals achieved, awaiting a financial event – and in these circumstances we will only respond to questions raised by you, but may contact you from time to time with information and/ or offers that we assess may be of interest/ benefit to you);
  • On an anniversary report level (your account will generally be a personal super account – probably a former employee super account; investment goals in action and not requiring regular interaction; insurance product only; or a minimum-contact service contract with us that doesn’t provide for advice meetings – and in these circumstances we will respond to your questions and provide a written annual report as to the status of your account near to the anniversary of your having started doing business with our firm); or
  • An interactive level (whereby you will have agreed to one of our service packages that provide for adviser involvement, regular reporting, invitations to occasional client briefings and seminar events as well as responses to questions raised by telephone, email or website enquiry),

depending on what your needs are during your engagement with us.

What is the client experience at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd?

Regardless of the ongoing service arrangements you have with us, we offer advice on a paid, ad hoc basis to all of our clients. These services are then charged on an agreed basis, as disclosed in the Financial Services Guide – Part 2 presented to you prior to the provision of advice.

As clients of Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd, you have available to you a range of strategies that we can bring to effect depending on where you (and your family) are on life’s financial journey: these include –

and to the extent that these strategies require the input of external specialists (lawyers, bankers, financiers, brokers etc) we are well connected with a network of advisers. We are also able to work with existing provider relationships held by our clients.

A number of our clients have sent us testimonials that affirm the level of their satisfaction – and attest to the quality of their experience in engaging our advisers, confirming that trusted wealth management advice is delivered by our team. Some of these testimonials have been published on our website. In the main, they attest to the fact that they experience personalised, professional wealth management advice – and ongoing services. They have also attested to the fact that we explain concepts so that they understand what they are becoming involved in, whether by way of investment product, insurance cover or financial structure.

Sharing the experience

When we provide service that meets all expectations – and when we excite with exceptional service provided, we appreciate those experiences being shared with family, friends and colleagues. (At the simplest level, friends could be referred to our website, have a copy of our eNewsletter forwarded to them, or have our Facebook Page shared with them.) Please consider a Like for our Fb Page to obtain our regular updates on to your Newsfeed.

As a small business services provider, we rely on continuing growth to develop and enhance the offerings we can bring to clients. In appropriate circumstances we also show our appreciation in tangible ways when a referral engages us.

If you are wanting to make a referral but are not sure as to the best way to go about that, please feel free to speak to your adviser at our office (or indeed to any of our helpful staff) – and we will work with you to ensure the most comfortable experience for both yourself and the friend you refer.

In conclusion

This is part 2 of a two-part post about the ‘value of advice’. In the first part we talk about the value of advice as a general concept – and detail the criteria that need to be considered when trying to express a perception as to the value of advice.

Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd has clear statements about how we approach our work, what principles are applied to engagement with our clients and what level of professionalism can be expected by our clients: the value proposition that we offer clients is being delivered in a practical way – and this has been attested by a number of them, some of which appear on our website.

To explore the possibility that you will be able to enjoy similar levels of satisfaction with your wealth management advice and related services, please call our office on 07-34213456, or use the Contact Us facility for prompt attention to arranging a meeting.

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