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Wealth Management discipline averts financial loss

Wealth management discipline secures future financial independence

Where did the money go?

Wealth management discipline requires a strategic wealth plan and will most likely include personal/ family financial budgeting. The disappearing money question usually arises just after the end of each financial year, when we review our ‘annual payment summary’ (if employed – or our Profit & Loss Statement if running a business). We look at these statements – and then we look at our Bank account and wonder what happened in between the earning of the money; and what is now left! These statements are about our available financial resource, our cash inflow.

For most of us it is fairly obvious where our cash went – firstly, the tax man took his share; then the Bank wanted its share to cover the interest and repayments on the house mortgage; then we may have had some finance commitments – and oh yes, we have to buy some groceries, clothes, health insurance, education expenses, presents for the family and …nobody go on an expense-free holiday!  These matters generally come under our personal expenses category.

Wealth management discipline and the family budget

If your review of your income and expenses reveals that you have failed your wealth management growth test, now is the time to contact Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd for some budgetary advice: and to get a plan in place to ensure that future financial years end in a way that you anticipate (on the basis of planning) – and more beneficially than the previous year ended. Our article, ‘Tips for preparing a family budget‘ could be useful reading at this time.

To talk to one of our experienced advisers you can find us on our website: Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd  – and use the Contact Us facility; or phone us (on 07-34213456) to arrange an appointment. You can be assured that we will listen to your concerns (and goals), reflect our understanding of your situation and guide you to strategic solutions to achieving the financial independence you desire in the longer-term.

[Originally posted in June 2010 under the title ‘Where did it go?…the money…’; this article has been revised and/or updated from time to time, most recently, in March 2017]

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