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Wrap of the October 2010 Client Briefings

October 2010 Briefing wrap-

The recent round of Client Briefings finished this week with Warwick presentation held Wednesday 13 October – at the Jackie Howe Motel. The agenda for the meetings included presentations from key speakers on Economic Update and Financial Market projections; as well as Intergenerational Wealth Planning.

A brief précis of these presentations follows:

  1. The Noosa presentation started the round this time and our attendees heard-
    • Peter Cashman review the performance of financial markets for the past financial year, and showed that they had made a marked recovery from the prior two years and indicating that a return to long-term trend seemed to be emerging
    • Eric Walters present the Economic Update and Financial Market Outlook that had been prepared for the purpose by the team at Advance Asset Management, stressing three main points – there is unlikely to be a ‘double-dip’, recovery is under way (albeit ‘limpingly’) and expectation that low double-digit returns could be anticipated from the Australian equities market over the coming twelve months; and
    • Rachel Elfverson, a Practice Development Manager at Securitor, raised some important issues in relation to protection of family assets during the forthcoming flood of intergenerational wealth transfers as Baby Boomers and their parents gradually pass away.
  2. The Brisbane presentation took place at The Glen Hotel, Eight Mile Plains and with a change of personnel, a number of clients heard:
    • Peter present the same information as he had at Noosa; but
    • Wayne McGauley, State Manager of Investors Mutual Limited (IML) delivered the economic and market updates, particularly focusing on the Australian markets – and confirmed that IML is a conservative manager delivering lower risk, ‘less volatile’ returns than many of their peers; and
    • Securitor’s Rod Jackson (from their Sydney Technical Services office) spoke on the same topic as Rachel had presented the previous day
  3. The Warwick presentation was made to an interested group of clients from the Darling Downs who heard
    • Peter’s presentation delivered by Warwick Bragg;
    • Eric again delivered the message heard by the Sunshine Coast clients; and
    • Rachel returned to deliver her message.

We sincerely thank the clients who came out to hear the messages at the various centres. We also thank the presenters (and preparers) of presentations for their efforts in providing valuable information to our attentive – and appreciative – clients.

As mentioned at the Briefings, the following links are provided for your further investigation and research:

  1. Minutes of the Meeting of the Reserve Bank: (and select the date of the meeting: at time of writing, the October minutes had not yet been linked);
  2. Advance Asset Management (Multi-Blend funds) website: ; and
  3. Investors Mutual Limited (IML) website:

We will be seeking information from clients who have not been able to attend our Client Briefings as to whether there is something we can do to make them more accessible for a broader range of clients (and your friends and family). Look for these enquiries over the next several months.

If there are any queries in relation to the topics and/ or the reporting of them, please raise them through the Contact Us facility found in our website. You will be afforded a prompt response.

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