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ContinuumFP Award

ContinuumFP Award: Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd was named Securitor 2010 Practice of the Year at the Queensland Securitor Professional Development Day in March 2010.

ContinuumFP (Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd) was recognised for its achievements during 2009, including outstanding client engagement and highly developed business processes – as well as for its contributions to, and advocacy for, Securitor Financial Group Limited as a Dealer Group (Australian Financial Services Licensee).

During the then prevailing Global Financial Crisis (GFC), ContinuumFPs team of experienced advisers and their support under leadership from Eric Walters and Warwick Bragg, communicated frequently with clients; and worked very closely with them on their individual challenges arising out of that event: and consequently maintained strong client loyalty which has prevailed for throughout our existence.

The ContinuumFP team was delighted to receive the Securitor Practice of the Year Award and its recognition that the business has a strong culture of client engagement; and striving for continuous operational improvement which contributes to efficiencies in delivering quality services. Our staff members have all made valuable contributions to the processes and procedures that we have adopted: they comfortably work with the company’s ‘clients first’ service-based philosophy.

We remain mindful of others who made this Award possible: and so acknowledge and express sincere appreciation for –

  • the continuing loyal support of our clients;
  • Securitor1, who, since we became part of their network in 2000, provided support teams offering guidance and some of the important tools we initially used to develop our processes and strengthen the business;
  • the willing input from our service providers: who have also been supportive of our business development strategies; and
  • we continue to recognise the valuable relationships with our referrers, who have shown confidence in what we have been able to do for them and their associates.

We look forward to continuing to develop and improve the business and our processes so that we can go on delivering the very high level of service our clients expect.

1 Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd left the Securitor network on 30 July 2019 after the announcement by its parent, Westpac Banking Corporation Limited, that it was exiting the personal financial advice industry and would be closing Securitor Financial Group Limited as from 30 September 2019. Since 30 July 2019, ContiuumFP has been a Corporate Authorised Representative of Lifespan Financial Planning Pty Ltd, holder of the Australian Financial Services License 229892.

Footnote: Eric Walters was simultaneously named Queensland Securitor Adviser of the Year for 2010.

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