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Investor Report June 2008

The ContinuumFP investor report June 2008, published as at July 2008, was an early response to the evolving financial crisis that eventually was named the Global Financial Crisis – the GFC. Very few people at the time including our own advisers foresaw what was developing: however, the overall strategy proposed proved to be the correct course of action.

We wrote –

Investor Report June 2008

Market volatility has been front page news recently. The Australian and international stockmarkets have been subject to a range of global pressures such as the fear of recession in the US and the sub-prime mortgage ‘crisis’.
You’ll soon be receiving your Asgard 2007-08 investor report and I wanted to let you know in advance that your results are unlikely to be positive, and may leave you feeling unsettled. I also wanted to let you know that now is not the time to overreact to these figures.

What action should you take in times like these?

It’s important to put these results in to perspective. The recent downturn in the Australian and international markets follows a much longer period of excellent returns stretching back over five years. It’s not unusual for a period of excellent returns to be followed by a downturn like the one we’re experiencing at the moment.

When reviewing your investor report as at 30 June 2008, be mindful that investing for your future is a long-term strategy. Reacting to the recent downturn by selling off investments is short-term thinking that could lock in your losses. History shows us that staying the course pays dividends in the longer term.

Wanting to review your investor report?

One of the experienced advisers at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd would be more than happy to meet with you so we can discuss how market volatility may be affecting your investments, or any other wealth management issue you would like to discuss. Together, we can take this opportunity to review your risk profile, your financial plan and if necessary, we will also review your investment options to ensure they remain consistent with your financial needs and goals. Our methodology is to listen to your needs, confirm our understanding of your situation and to provide solutions to your wealth management dilemmas: please call 07-34213456, or use the Contact Us link to seek an appointment with one of our experienced, professional advisers at a mutually convenient time.
(First published in July 2008, this article has occasionally been updated and/ or refreshed, most recently in January 2020.)

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