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Lifestyle goals achieved

Lifestyle goals achieved – and the stories from them – shared by you, can be a wealth management inspiration to others. Part of the benefits of being structured in your wealth management, includes lifestyle experiences. In this post, we are seeking input from our readers as to some of the enjoyable travel and other lifestyle experiences (checking off ‘the bucket list’) that they are willing to share with others.

We have noticed that more of you have been ‘on the move’ since the memories of the shock of the GFC (which by the way is accepted as having occurred on 12 September 2008) are becoming dulled by time; and investment returns have been growing reasonably consistently over the intervening time – both from an income; and a capital growth perspective. That is of course, until COVID-19 intervened in early 2020! Now, as much as we would all like to be able to travel, that is not currently possible on an international front.

This important aspect of our lives (recreational travel) is part of the harmonisation that makes our lives interesting: and inspires us to even higher aspirations. Perhaps during the pandemic, you have been making plans for travel when it is again possible?

Sharing lifestyle goals achievements

We’d love to have you share your experiences with our readership (anonymously if you prefer). If you would be prepared to send us two to three hundred words together with an image or two, we will use your experience to show what rewards hard work and careful planning has allowed you to enjoy – and that will generate lifestyle inspiration to your ‘neighbours’. We would be equally interested to hear what planning you are undertaking for ‘when we get to the other side’ of the pandemic; and when ‘the borders’ are once again, open.

Some ideas to share your lifestyle goals achieved (or to be achieved) –

  • Where have you travelled – or intend to travel – in the past year (within Australia) – in the near future (within Australia, or overseas)?
  • If in Australia, is it caravanning, adventuring, trecking or resorting that has appealed to/ attracted you?
  • If overseas, what are you planning (touring, family visits, relaxing)?

We’ll publish your stories (and an image or two provided) in our eNewsletter as we receive material from you.

How to provide the material for this lifestyle inspiration project –

Please contact our office (by phone: 07 34213456) for guidance on the best way to do this. You could email us, or use our Contact Us page to provide the text.

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