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Mitigating financial risk with personal risk insurance

Take Life Insurance to mitigate financial unknowns

Why Life Insurance?

One concern that Australia faces as a nation is that of being under-insured, even for events that we know are almost inevitable; as well as the one that is in fact inevitable! Mitigating financial risk by taking personal life insurance improves financial confidence – and is a comfort to families. Your financial independence and security is no doubt a high priority: this aspiration is held by most people (with or without dependants): it is also a concern of governments and other community leaders at a broader level.

Mitigating financial risk

Personal risk insurance is known by that name because ‘personal risk’ is what you are seeking protection against when you outsource mitigation financial risk through contracts (insurance policies) with insurers, for –

which are contracts insuring you personally against defined risk events that can occur without warning. This is a financial risk management strategy.

Life Insurance annually reviewed

As part of our accepted obligation to investment clients, we regularly offer each client the opportunity to review their personal risk insurance portfolio to ensure that their family financial risk concerns are adequately protected. In this way, clients will be comforted that their investments/ wealth accumulation efforts will not be in vain in the event of some unexpected, as yet unknown ‘event’ befalling them.

How to implement your risk management strategy

Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd has published articles in our website Library that deal with how insurance contracts can mitigate against the financial consequences of risks that arise in particular circumstances: some of these are linked above.

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