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Wealth management preparation – the NextGen

Wealth management preparation of the next generation who will have control of your hard-earned wealth, ensures that they will be equipped to optimise the benefit they derive from your generosity.

The intergenerational wealth transfer by the middle of this century will be in the order of trillions of dollars – yes, even here in Australia! Your assets will be part of this transfer (either coming to you or passing from you).

Your home, your furniture and other personal assets, your superannuation account and your insurance policies, your personal investments (including Bank accounts) – what does all of that add up to? Is your family responsibly able to manage the wealth you have worked hard to accumulate; that you have taken care to protect; that you have set up into an appropriate Estate Plan?

Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd offers to work with clients to ensure that the wealth management preparation of their next generation will help them to understand the portfolio you have accumulated: clients who have taken up this offer agree that the experience is beneficial, both to themselves and to their intended beneficiaries. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family – older or younger – to ensure that the family optimises the benefits provided through your diligence.

For older generations, we will work with you and your parents to recommend appropriate Estate Planning to ensure your carefully designed strategies are not ‘brought undone’ through an untimely, unplanned inheritance that might have been more beneficially distributed. We can also recommend strategies to see that any Aged Care needs are most effectively accessed.

With the younger generations, we develop the education process and encourage understanding of money: its use; its accumulation; its investment; and wealth protection. These processes are rarely accomplished in the short-term, often taking several meetings, usually well-spaced (and with specific tasks to accomplish in between), to develop a full suite of information that improves their financial literacy and understanding of money (and money’s worth).

We strongly urge you to take steps to ensure that the wealth management preparation of your family is as complete as can be; and that they are as aware as they can be of what they need to do to capitalise on what you have prepared for them – call our office on 07-34213456, or use our website Contact Us facility to arrange an appointment to discuss a family plan to manage the process.

(This article was originally published for our August 2010 eNewsletter; it has occasionally been updated and/ or refreshed, most recently in April 2021)

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