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Investment strategy review

Should I be investing more – or withdrawing?

The answer will be in an investment strategy review…

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Whilst this was a regularly-raised question during the early aftermath from the GFC, it remains a question whose answer is of continuing relevance: one to to be found in the context of an investment strategy review with your financial advisor – particularly when a significant change to your portfolio will result.

The most important consideration in seeking the answer to the question is whether or not you are working to a carefullyand personally-customised investment strategy (whether inside or external to, your superannuation account)NOTE: Whilst the ‘set and forget’ superannuation funds invest to an asset allocation based on the ages of the members, many also provide for personalised investment strategies to be applied. Investment strategies recommended by advisors at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd (ContinuumFP), recommend that superannuation account asset allocation be part of regular investment strategy reviews.

What is an Investment Strategy?

In the formulation of an investment strategy, your financial adviser (particularly at ContinuumFP) will have taken into account some key issues, including your:-

  • investment timeframes?
  • investor risk profile?
  • investment asset preferences?
  • investment goals and objectives?

…and based on these considerations, will have carefully researched available ‘products’ with which to construct your portfolio. The investment timeframe; and the risk profile you assess as having are of particular relevance – when considering withdrawal of investment capital, are important considerations. Whilst they can be variable over time, reflecting your personal circumstances and investment experiences as you move towards the set goal time, the timing of changes made can have a significant impact on the success of your strategy.

Investment Strategy reviews add value

Similarly, timing entry to any market in investment assets is difficult to ‘get right’, but any market correction (or pull-back) provides opportunity for long-term investors to enter the market on a ‘dollar-cost averaging’ basis: that is, invest a predetermined sum, over several tranches at regular time intervals – implementing their personal investment strategy.

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