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Life Insurance answers

Answers to the following questions are regularly sought from our financial planners:

  • Are Australians really significantly under-insured?
  • Most of us have life insurance in our superannuation funds, don’t we? (Isn’t that enough?)
  • I can get whatever cover I want from the services offered on TV – can’t I?
  • I’m young fit and healthy – why do I need to take out life insurance?

By way of response we suggest that it is important to –

  • Understand what financial position your dependants will be in if you become seriously incapacitated, diagnosed with a critical illness or die – and for the purposes of this consideration, let’s assume the event occurs at a time not of your choosing (perhaps tomorrow?!)
  • Ensure that any shortfall in your providing for the financial needs of your dependants (and for you in the case of incapacity) are appropriately provided for – and in doing so, you should understand:
  • Insure for perceived needs using the appropriate type of policy, with the most suitable provider, in the correct amount of cover, owned in the most appropriate way – and with beneficiaries nominated to suit your planning requirements.
  • Read more using the linked article – and the links that are highlighted in that article. (

What would your life insurance answers be?

Wealth management with a view to providing financial independence for yourself and your family is too important to ignore life insurances as a keystone to financial security and peace of mind.  The other life insurance answers – the ones you provide in completing your application for cover, are also important, to ensure that when a claim event occurs, the cover can be paid.

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